Awful Records - Atlanta. | Lloyd Foster - Accra, Ghana
Naomi Yared - Brooklyn, NY | Rodrigo Villodoro - ‘Culture II’  Listening Party
Lawerence Ageyi - Chicago.Nosidam. - Seoul, Korea
Bryce Sissac - Notre x Ace Hotel | J.D. - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Vicky Grout - London, UK | Ashani - NYC.


Diary of Disposables, is an international photography  project founded in 2014 in Washington, DC by Jamaal Davies. We send cameras to creative individuals in various destinations across the globe to create a journal of experiences expressed through photos. We aim to visually explore different cultures, lifestyles, and environments via these cameras.

By submitting cameras to Diary of Disposables, you are granting us permission to use the pictures stored on the camera in any format, including, but not limited to, print or digital. All photos will be attributed to the original photographer(s)


Lloyd Foster
Samera Paz
The Function : Philly
P’s & Q’s
Maya Iman
Erik Bruner-Yang
Nathan Kelly
Rachel Cabitt
Myles Loftin
Mignon Hemsley
Arc’teryx - Washington,DC
592 Bike Life (Guyana)
CJ Harvey
Jamaal Orr
Undine Markus
Kira Sneed
Matt Talley
Shawnee Dez
Priscilla Ward
Vicky Grout
Mark Custer
Imani Love
Rashad Joy
Santiago Fletcher
Aton Crawley
Knox Fortune
Syd Lomax
Trillectro Music Festival
Jamel Shabazz

Cam Robert
Hugo Mendoza
Maia McCall
Bryan Allen-Lamb
Cool Kids Vinyl
Leah Solomon
Aton Crawley
Muhammad Johnson
Mista Selecta 
Shahrnaz Javid
Dylan Ali
M.I.L.F Mitch
Stussy NYC : 498 Broome Street
Kevin Wilson
Tyrous Morris
Rodrigo Villordo
Tyra Mitchell
Tyrous Morris
Sora Magazine
Afwul Records
Raelis Vasquez
Zero Fatigue
Lawrence Agyei
2 Seater Radio
Sahar Habibi
Rahel Mideksa
Daniel Cruz
Brandon Scott